No favourite pattern and color avaiable ?

our carpet design team will achieve the best result for you


Manufacturing technique, material and carpet design are all vital for a carpet. To produce quality carpet product, our design team strives for perfection in design and keep innovative in pattern, color combination and technique.

Each Carpet will provide design drawing with detialed size, color, thickness and cutting. Manufacture process will only proceed after the design is satisfied.
carpet design drawingcarpet design drawing


Handtufted carpet is the most popular and widely applied in residential, restaurant, boutique, office, resort and hotel...etc

Each rug is weaved needle by needle, the advantages are the high flexibility of pattern and color combination, can fully mix and match as need. With the use of different weight of wool, density, thickness and cutting methods can produce a hundred of thousands of styles.

For the high manual technical requirement, each rug can be regarded as a piece of art.
handtufted carpethandtufted rug


Handtufting can produce any pattern. e.g plain, text, linear, classical, hotel and office graphic, painting, gradient and even 3D pattern. must make out the pattern in your mind.

Carpet design team will be based on requirements, with color and actual environmental needs, to achieve the best result for you.
area rug area rug
area rug area rug


The size is based on square feet unit. There is no restriction on the size. welcome from 1 sq.ft to whole floor area carpet.


Able to follow the CMYK and Pantone color.
Color wool sample could be provided for color confirmation as required.


Could be in any form - rectangular, circular, you can also make a variety of irregular shape.
Whether it is straight edge or curved edge, the edge is well protected and firmed.
circular rug hexagon rug
polariod camera rug bathing ape rug


new zealand wool Made by 100% pure wool imported from New Zealand.
belonging to the best grade of carpet material and compliance with internation safety standard.


Generally the thickness is from 7mm to 12mm. can also make 5mm to 30mm special thickness.


1.Cut Pile and Loop Pile

Cut Pile is each wool line with a cut end.
Loop Pile is composed by endless loops from the bottom to the top.
Two Cutting methods can applied at the same rug.
cut pileloop pile


usually applied at the edge of two colors, carving edge trimming can sharpen the edge.

3.Knitted Edge

Knitting along the carpet edge, like a badge.
knitting edge

4.Low Cut and High Cut

Different level of wool height can form various layer and three-dimensional effect.
high and low cut

5. Three-dimensional cutting

Three-dimensional cutting could be applied on floor carpet or hanging on the wall like a picture.
3D carpet3D carpet3D carpet


The basic unit is Square feet.
Quotation will list out the unit price, with carpet drawing, size, color, thickness, cutting methods and all neccessary details. it is clear and easy to understand.
Welcome to any enquiry.
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